Today’s Headlines

  • Gas Tax Hikes to Fund Roads: Moving Forward in South Carolina (The State), Dead in New Mexico (KRWG)
  • Reason Falls Into “Libertarian” Trap of Assuming That Funding Transit (But Not Highways?) Is Wasteful
  • Debating Which Cities Are Worthy of Transit Funds Ignores America’s Auto-Dominated Reality (Frontier Group)
  • Detroit Free Press Heralds This Week’s Streetcar Launch, Lays Out Vision for Transit
  • Kansas City Streetcar, Smashing Ridership Projections, Celebrates First Birthday (Star 1, 2)
  • Salon and The Verge Pick Apart the Transportation Hellscape Envisioned by Uber and Elon Musk
  • Analyst of “Disruptive Technologies” Bets That High-Tech Bicycles Will Win Out Over Cars (CNN)
  • Shoup: “Autonomous Cars Will Be Most Valuable Where Parking Is Expensive” (Market Urbanism)
  • Bozeman Daily Chronicle Wants City to Slow Down Its Move to Ditch Parking Requirements
  • Police in Ohio Town Use Facebook to Shame Drivers Behaving Badly (Dayton Daily News)

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. I think the correct term for a decree from an organization like the Manhattan Institute is “fatwa.”

  2. Reason isn’t “trapped”. It has been a libertarian organ for at least 4 decades. Expecting them to advocate spending for ANYTHING that benfits citizens is “magical thinking”.

  3. Jarrett Walker’s Human Transit blog ran a lovely set of pix showing 60 people in individual cars, on bikes, and in a bus. Using the bus wasted far less land than the cars. Open green space is much more pleasant than clogged highways.

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