Today’s Headlines

  • Trump: “Tax Plan” Is Single Sheet of Paper (CNN); Just Kidding About Linking Taxes and Infrastructure (Hill)
  • Memphis Transit Authority Pitches Bus Overhaul, Begins Push for Transit Funding Referendum (Daily News)
  • Sound Transit Unveils Detailed Timeline for ST3 Rail and Bus Expansion (Seattle Times, KIRO)
  • Local Bigs Ride Detroit’s Woodward Avenue Streetcar Before Its May 12 Grand Opening (Crain’s)
  • Bill to Allow Speed Cams in SF, San Jose Sidelined in State Assembly (Mercury News)
  • Automakers Met Yesterday with Chao and Pruitt as Trump Backtracks on Fuel Efficiency (Reuters)
  • Ford CEO Talks With CityLab About Autonomous Cars and Becoming a “Mobility Company”
  • Former Judge Gets Parking Ticket, Crusades Against Bridgeport’s Plate-Scanning Enforcement (CT Post)
  • Off-Street Parking Mandates Don’t Cure Congestion, They Just Cause More Problems (Market Urbanism)
  • Busting St. Petersburg Police for Jaywalking Exposes Hypocrisy, But Doesn’t Make Anyone Safer (WTSP)

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