Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Budget Director: Infrastructure Plan Is Actually $200 Billion, Won’t Be Ready Until Autumn (Bloomberg)
  • James Ray, Bush-Era US DOT Official, Returns to Agency as Senior Advisor on Infrastructure (Hill)
  • Greenspan: Feds Can’t Afford Infrastructure Spending, Should Cut Social Security and Medicare Instead (CNBC)
  • Meanwhile: Indiana GOP Agrees on 10-Cent Gas Tax Increase, Opens Door to Interstate Tolls (Indy Star)
  • Study: Tech Firms Stand to Benefit If They Move Closer to Silicon Valley’s Caltrain Stations (SF Chron)
  • WMATA GM: Metro Needs New Regional Revenue Source to Generate $500 Million Annually (WAMU)
  • Gov. Larry Hogan, Who Cancelled Baltimore’s Red Line, Blasts Judge Holding Up Suburban Purple Line (WTOP)
  • Wind Turbines to Power Seattle Light Rail; Gasoline to Continue to Power Almost All Automobiles (Seattle Times)
  • San Diego Union-Tribune Offers Advice to Team Trump on How to Kill California HSR
  • This Scranton-Area Official May Be the Most Anti-Bike Politician Imaginable (Times-Tribune, Fox 56)

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