Today’s Headlines

  • Politico on What to Watch During Elaine Chao’s Confirmation Hearing
  • U.S. DOT Finalizes “Beyond Traffic 2045” Report, Names 18 “Traffic Innovation Centers”
  • Ford CEO Sees Money in Public Transit (USA Today)
  • Urban Planners Tell Business Insider How They Would Spend $1 Trillion on Infrastructure
  • San Diego’s Transit Goals Slip Further Away (KPBS)
  • Feds Ease Financial Restrictions on Detroit’s Bus System (Free Press)
  • Six Things to Watch as Transport Evolves (Tech Featured)
  • Jane Jacobs’ Guide to “Border Vacuums” in Cities (CityLab)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Some of the pedestrian hellscape of Fort Myers is pretty unbeatable.

    How does one safely cross this street? No sidewalk, no shoulder, no marked crosswalk anywhere in the distance.

    The local paper covering this story directs the blame on the peds with their photo caption:

    Pedestrians cross Palm Beach Boulevard on Tuesday. The Cape Coral-Fort Myers area has been deemed the most dangerous metro area in the U.S. for walking. These women did not use a crosswalk. (Photo: Andrew West/The News-Press)

    Right? How dare they try to cross without walking a couple miles down the road with their stroller to the next light. Criminals.

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