Today’s Headlines

  • Why Black Lives Matter Highway Protests Make a Dramatic Statement About Institutional Racism (WaPo)
  • Colorado Independent Explains the Terrible Plan to Widen I-70 in North Denver
  • Nearly 8 in 10 Drivers Expressed Anger or “Road Rage” in the Past Year (AP)
  • Bike Share Programs Increasingly Stocked with Detroit-Made Bikes (Bloomberg)
  • Consumer Groups Want to Keep Autonomous Cars Off Streets Pending Safety Rules (Morning Consult)
  • Teenagers Caught Driving and Playing Pokémon Go Near Busy Pedestrian Intersection (Guardian)
  • Portland’s Transportation Director on Why Women Love Bike-Share (Willamette Week)
  • Columbus’s Smart City Application Says the Proposal Will Help City Sidestep Light Rail (Business First)
  • Salt Lake City Has More Than Enough Parking (Building Salt Lake)
  • Bicyclists Are Excited About Minneapolis’ Incoming Public Works Director (Star Tribune)

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