Today’s Headlines

  • A Day After Blocking It, Senate Moves to Proceed With Six-Year Transpo Bill (The Hill)
  • Senate Energy Chair Objects to Selling Strategic Oil to Fund Transpo (Alaska Public Media)
  • Other Senators, Including Harry Reid, Uncomfortable With Other Pay-Fors (The Hill, HuffPo)
  • ProPublica and Politico on Congress’ Inability to Raise the Gas Tax and Why It’s So Embarrassing
  • Another Controversial Funding Source: Money Intended to Fight Blight (
  • Uber: 1, New York: 0 (WaPo)
  • Arizona Republican Wonders Why Republicans Are So Clueless About Transit (AZ Central)
  • MD Legislators Who Opposed Gas Tax Hike Sure Seem to Like All the New Roads It’s Paying For (Sun)
  • Upon Retirement, AAA Leader Laments That the DC Area Hasn’t Expanded More Roads (WTOP)
  • Days After Fare Hikes Take Effect, NJT Riders Face Major Delays (APP)

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