Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Dems Challenge Republicans to Pass a Long-Term Transpo Bill in Next 45 Days (The Hill)
  • Another Devolution Bill From Sen. Mike Lee (RT)
  • From the Senate to Gus’ Bike Shop: Scott Brown’s Big Promotion (Seacoast Online)
  • Peter Rogoff Calls NY-NJ Gateway Tunnel “The Most Important Rail Project” in the U.S. (Spotlight)
  • Rather Than Invest in Transit, New Jersey Raises Fares, Cuts Service (TSTC)
  • Free-Market MacIver Institute Studies the Implications of Wisconsin’s Transportation Debt Plan
  • Utah Transit Agency Is Sinking In Public Esteem (Tribune)
  • Dublin to Ban Cars in Key Parts of City Center, Invest in Light Rail (CityLab)
  • Mexico City Tries to Unsnarl Traffic With Data (Next City)
  • What’s Going to Kill You This Summer? (Or: Stop Worrying About Shark Attacks) (WaPo)
  • Don’t Like Gentrification? Do You Prefer Disinvestment? (WaPo)

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