Today’s Headlines

  • Bless His Heart: Sen. Carper Still Thinks Congress Could Raise the Gas Tax (News Journal)
  • NEC Portal Bridge Chokepoint Could Be Fixed, Would Cost $940M (AP)
  • Japan’s Maglev Train Opens, Reaching Speeds Over 300 MPH (Daily Mail)
  • Texas Transportation Council Drops Trinity Highway Boondoggle From Plan (Dallas Morning News)
  • WISDOT Presses Forward With Expensive and Unnecessary I-94 Expansion (WISPIRG)
  • Gov. Christie’s Presidential Ambitions vs. the Need to Raise NJ’s Gas Tax ( x2)
  • Critic Says Planned Detroit BRT Stations Are Too Far From Employment Centers (Crains)
  • SEPTA Trying to Work Bikes Into Philly Transit (CBS)
  • Silicon Valley Weighs BRT Options Along Camino Real (Human Transit)
  • Urban Geometry: Why It’s Better for Your City to Be Shaped Like a Circle Than a Giraffe (Salon)
  • DC Scores High in Transpo “Free Market” Ranking for Uber Law (Daily Signal)
  • Washington Post Is Super Down on Streetcars These Days, in DC and Suburbs

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