Today’s Headlines

  • Norton and Petri Introduce Obama’s GROW AMERICA Act in the House (The Hill)
  • Foxx Says Bill Would Offer More Local Control (Fast Lane)
  • FTA Urges Transit Agencies to Test Brakes After Chicago Crash (Tribune)
  • DeFazio Explains His Per-Barrel Oil Fee Idea for Funding Transpo (Oregonian)
  • Austin City Council Tacks Road Projects Onto “Urban Rail” Measure (Post)
  • Apparently Scranton Needs a Beltway (Times Leader)
  • How a “New Urbanist” Neighborhood in Denver Caved to Car Pressure (EE News)
  • Bicycling-Related Head Injuries Up 14% — Because of Bike-Share? (KSTP)
  • Poll: Americans Worry About Transportation Conditions, Especially in Cities (LIUNA)
  • Vancouver-Area Mayors’ Attempt to Use Carbon Tax to Fund Transpo Fails (Sun)
  • Brazil Avoids World Cup Transit Strike But Labor Chaos Simmers (AP)

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  1. Scranton already has a beltway. But one side is tolled. And tolls have been going up so the turnpike can send payments to PennDOT. The free side is crowded. They can’t add tolls to it because it’s an interstate. If they were allowed to charge variable tolling on both roads they could balance the traffic.

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