Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Expected to Unveil Transpo Bill This Week Bearing No Resemblance to Obama’s (Roll Call)
  • A Reminder Why Congress Really Has to Pass a Transpo Bill This Year (WaPo)
  • 5 Reasons Oregon Everyone Should Be Freaking Out About Trust Fund Crisis (OregonianPew)
  • Jill Abramson’s Painful, Personal Tale as a Pedestrian Injury Statistic (NYT)
  • Seven Transit Projects That Should Be Getting Built But Aren’t (Ped Observations)
  • Seattle Bike-Share Will Be Branded “Alaska” (Slog, Curbed)
  • 5 Reasons Connecticut Shouldn’t Spend $400 Million to Widen 3 Miles of I-84 (TSTC)
  • Is Portland Still the Bicycling Mecca It Claims to Be? (Bike Portland)
  • A Family Biking Movement Grows in Philly (Bike League)