Drunk Driver Plows Into Marathon for Alcohol Abuse Awareness

Further evidence that seemingly no place is safe from errant drivers in the United States:

A drunk woman drove onto the course of the Adrenaline Eisenbahn Marathon in Wisconsin last week. The race raises money to fight drug and alcohol abuse. Photo: Adrenaline Races
A drunk woman drove onto the course of the Adrenaline Eisenbahn Marathon in Wisconsin last week. The race raises money to fight drug and alcohol abuse. Photo: Adrenaline Races

Tom Held at the Active Pursuit reports today that an intoxicated woman drove onto a trail in suburban Milwaukee recently. And here’s the ironic part: At the time, the trail was hosting a marathon to raise money for research on alcohol and drug abuse.

West Bend police arrested a 33-year-old woman Sunday, after she allegedly drove drunk onto a state trail being used for the Adrenaline Eisenbahn Marathon, a race staged to raise money for the Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse in Washington County.

“Of all things to happen,” said race director Richard Dodd, a recovering alcoholic who has been sober six years. “It shows you why we’re doing what we do. I’m in no position to judge anyone, but it’s not normal behavior and it can’t be tolerated.”

According to police, the woman drove onto the Eisenbahn State Trail from adjacent private property, just south of Baron Ave., about the 25-mile mark of the marathon course. Police responded to calls about the woman about 11 a.m., routed the runners around the car and arrested the driver on suspicion of drunken driving, first offense.

None of the roughly 400 participants in the Eisenbahn Run were injured.

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