Today’s Headlines

  • Feinstein: Automate Trains by 2015 to Increase Safety (The Hill, LAT)
  • Blumenauer Has Allies Outside Congress on Gas Tax Proposal (WAMU)
  • D.C. Metro Considers Higher Fares (WTOP)
  • Officials Say California High-Speed Rail Is Still on Track, Despite Setbacks (AP)
  • New Salt Lake City Streetcar Delivers on Development (SL Trib)
  • Economists: U.S. Buses Would Be Cheaper, Greener If Sourced Internationally (Atlantic Cities)
  • So Is San Antonio Building Light Rail or a Streetcar Line? (Atlantic Cities)
  • International Cities Explore Eco-Friendly Urban Mobility (Sustainable Cities Collective)
  • Boston Globe: Green Line Extension Will Revive Somerville Neighborhoods