Today’s Headlines

  • Will Obama’s New Climate Initiative Get the U.S. Down to Target Emissions Levels? (WaPo)
  • … Maybe Not, Since It Doesn’t Appear to Address Transportation (Grist)
  • … But Will It Finally Empower Congress to Pass a Carbon Tax? (The Hill)
  • Current Tax Code Isn’t Up to the Task of Reducing Emissions, Needs Reform (HuffPoPolitico)
  • How Rising Transit Fares Build Inequality in Brazil (Jacobin)
  • U.S. DOT Delays Back-Up Camera Requirement for New Cars Until 2015 (Autoblog)
  • Friday Sees Another NYC Bike-Share Record: 30,000 Trips in One Day (NBC)
  • 60 cities Have Signed Charter of Brussels, Trying to Reach 15% Bike Mode Share (GulfNews)
  • Paris Converts Riverfront Expressway to Pedestrian Path (Systemic Failure)
  • By Taking a Hard Line on Sprawl, Will a Town’s Schools Suffer? (Buffalo News)

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