Today’s Headlines

  • Obama: Let’s Use $2B in Oil and Gas Revenues to Get the Country Off Oil and Gas (NYT)
  • Senate Transpo Bill Fully Funds MAP-21 Except For One Key Part (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • Economist Special Report: Deteriorating U.S. Infrastructure Catalyzes Fresh Thinking
  • Gov. Scott Walker Is Considering a White House Bid (WaPo)
  • Ten Reasons to Be Optimistic About LA’s Transportation Future (LAT)
  • Daily Caller Whips Up Anti-Gas Tax Sentiment As More States Plan Increases (Oakland Press)
  • Connecticut Considers Vulnerable Users Bill, Border Tolls (Hartford Courant)
  • Minnesota Gov. Plan to Triple Transit Sales Tax Will Earn Less Than Plan Doubling It (F&C)
  • AAA Chapter Opposes MD Transpo Plan Because It Makes Motorists Pay For Transit (WUSA9)
  • A Reality Check For That Fantasy High-Speed Rail Map (Slate)
  • Cars in the U.S. Are Getting More Fuel Efficient But Still Have a Long Way to Go (WaPo)
  • Freakonomics Radio Talks to Donald Shoup About the Ever-Higher Cost of Free Parking

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