Today’s Headlines

  • Paul Ryan: “I Think the Sequester’s Going to Happen” (TPM)
  • Anderson Cooper Goes For the Jugular: Vermont HSR Isn’t Fast Enough (CNN)
  • It’s So Much Easier to Get Highways Funded Than Transit (New Urbanism Blog)
  • The Chinese Press Clucks About Sorry State of U.S. Infrastructure (South China Morning Post)
  • Gas Tax Should Be $1/Gallon (Not, as VA Gov. McDonnell Would Have It, $0) (Freakonomics)
  • The Equity Argument Against Affordable Housing Near Transit (PiPress)
  • A Menu of Car-Share Options (NYT)
  • New Hampshire, Indiana, Wisconsin Mull Gas Tax Hikes (Telegraph, Gannett, HTR News)
  • Meet the Opponents of the Only Good Part of the CRC (Columbian, Oregonian
  • “Not a War Against Cars, A Question of Physics”: Stop Trying to Accommodate Cars (RPUS)
  • The Down Side of Urban Professionals Sending Their Kids to Public Schools (Next City)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1.  Your CRC (Columbia River Crossing) links need some context. That uber-bridge project is using light rail like lipstick on a pig. Try taking a look at the “Common Sense Alternative” :

    . The short form is that the CSA could have been started years ago with some real benefits after each phase. Instead, the CRC boosters want to bury the landscape in concrete.

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