Today’s Headlines

  • High-Speed Rail Brawl Spills Onto House Floor (Politico); LaHood to Testify (C-SPAN)
  • Also: LaHood Talks to Obama About Sticking Around (Politico)
  • Senate Committee Looks at Hurricane Damage to Transpo Systems (Transpo Nation, C-SPAN)
  • Mica Bids Goodbye to Chairmanship (The Hill)
  • Worker Rights Issues Tie Up Vote on Detroit Transit Authority (MLive)
  • Massachusetts Transpo “at a Crisis Stage” (Sentinel and Enterprise)
  • HuffPo Column Advocates “Three-Step Mass Transit Program” for Climate Change
  • “Road Usage Charge” Could Replace Gas Tax Altogether in Washington State (NWCN)
  • Grist Chats This Morning with “Carbon Zero” Author
  • Minneapolis Wants the Light Rail — But Not the Freight Trains (MinnPost)

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