Today’s Headlines

  • Is Chicago’s Infrastructure Trust a Good Model For a National Bank? (Demos)
  • Note to Newly Elected State Officials: Job #1 Is to Kick Your State’s Oil Addiction (Switchboard)
  • One Anti-Gas-Tax Crusader Is Losing Power, Another Just Got Re-elected President (TID)
  • Scott Walker: Let’s Keep Building Roads and Not Paying For Them (AP)
  • Superstorm Sandy Will Cost NYC Transit Nearly $5 Billion (Transpo Nation)
  • Kaid Benfield: Sometimes the NIMBYs Are Right (Switchboard)
  • Four Reasons Free Parking Is Bad For Business (Atlantic Cities)
  • DC, Like the Dutch, Pedals Through the Winter (WaPo)
  • MARTA’s Anti-Nuisance Campaign Misses the Biggest Nuisance: Infrequent Service (AJC)
  • We Already Know Where Seniors Will Be Stranded in 20 Years (Switchboard)

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