Today’s Headlines

  • Grover Norquist Gives His Blessing to a Carbon Tax — With Conditions (National Journal)
  • … He’s Not Alone: A Growing Chorus Says Now Is the Time For a Carbon Tax (Bacon’s Rebellion)
  • Inhofe Not Returning to Leadership Role on EPW Committee (Trans. Issues Daily)
  • Can We Talk About a Gas Tax Increase Yet? (National Journal)
  • Honey, I’ll Drive: More Women Than Men Have Licenses (AP)
  • Could the U.S. Achieve Dutch Mode-Share Rates If We Had More Bicycle Infrastructure? (IHT)
  • Alameda Transit Vote Still Just a Wee Bit Short of Victory (Mercury)
  • Matt Yglesias: Lifting Height Limits Would Bring a Windfall to DC (Slate)
  • New Services Facilitate Public Transportation For Travelers (USA Today)