Today’s Headlines

  • Just a Reminder To Give the President Some Slack When It Comes to Progress on Infrastructure (WaPo)
  • IBIS World Ranked Each Candidate By Risk Level To Various Transpo Modes [PDF]
  • Assaults Increase Against Transit Operators (KC Star)
  • As Car-Obsessed Baby Boomers Diminish Their Driving, VMT Will Drop (AP)
  • Oregon to Test VMT Charge (Bulletin)
  • If Walker Succeeds in Raising Wisconsin’s Gas Tax, WhatWill He Spend It On? (Journal-Sentinel)
  • Pierce Transit Vote Still Too Close to Call — But It’s Not Looking Good (News Tribune)
  • Atlanta Mayor Wants High-Speed Rail (AJC)
  • Is Rapid Transit Too Rapid to Allow Development to Flourish? (Planetizen)
  • Click Here to Reduce Mileage (Clean Technica)
  • Anyone Who Tells You Bicycles Should Ride Against Traffic Is Way Behind the Times (American Press)


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