Today’s Headlines

  • Slight Rises in Cycling Tied to Huge Reductions in Congestion (LAB)
  • Sens. Boxer and Inhofe Continue to Exemplify Bipartisanship in Transpo Conference (WaPo)
  • Philadelphia’s “Textizen” Program Is Citizen Engagement For the Digital Age (Next Am. City)
  • Bike-share’s Arrival in New York Signals Dawn of the Citizen Cyclist (Atlantic Cities)
  • Building Cities Healthy for People and the Environment Is “The 9-Billion Person Question” (Grist)
  • In L.A., Maybe Ditching Your Car Offers the Freedom Envisioned by Highway Builders (Good)
  • Bike- and Eco-Friendly Gas Station: Green Washing or Genuine Progress? (BikePortland)
  • Sprawl vs. Renewal in Hamilton, ON: “Can’t Blow and Suck at the Same Time” (TheSpec)