Today’s Headlines

  • House Republicans Punt 9th Transpo Extension for 2nd Time in 24 Hours (Politico)
  • GOP Rep. Asks: If We’re Out of Money for Transpo, Why Spend $10B/Mo. in Afghanistan? (Hill)
  • Rasmussen Report Finds 48 Percent of Americans Think Feds Should Drop Gas Tax
  • Rep. DeFazio: House GOP “Hate America,” Hate Idea of National Transportation System (Hill)
  • Maryland Senate Passes Anti-Sprawl Bill, But Without Key Provisions (WaPo)
  • Bipartisan Policy Center: Transpo Bill an Opportunity to Rethink Spending (Bradenton Herald)
  • How Washington Could Use Federal High-Speed Rail Money (Next American City)
  • Did an Amendment to the Senate Transpo Bill Kill Private Investment? (New Republic)