Today’s Headlines

  • House to Vote Today on FAA Bill Today (Hill)
  • Republican Leadership Gives Transit Boost in Indiana and Michigan (Stateline)
  • California Sues San Diego Over Transpo Plan That May Promote Sprawl (Forbes)
  • DOT Grants $3.5 Million to Sustainable Transportation Research (OIT)
  • Fewer Teens Are Rushing to the DMV at 16 (Trib)
  • Tampa Looks to Transit to Boost Attendance at Rays Games (TBO)
  • New Bill Could Require Four Feet to Pass People on Bikes in Philadelphia (TribLive)
  • Virginia Poised to Sell Naming Rights to Roads and Bridges (WINA)
  • NYC Commuter Rail Pledging a Seat for Every Rider (AP)
  • Illegal for Bicyclists, Pedestrians to Use ‘Safer’ Bridge Route in Charleston, SC (CharlestonCity)
  • Soholeon

    just a quick edit: the “new bill..” is for the state of Pennsylvania, not just Philadelphia.  note that the article you link to is from Pittsburgh.