Today’s Headlines

  • Three (All Right, Two and a Half) Infrastructure Solutions That Already Have Bipartisan Support (WaPo)
  • Will Romney Pay at Election Time For Wanting to “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”? (The Hill)
  • Is Walmart Part of Rockville Pike’s Urban Revitalization Plan? (GGW)
  • Free Parking Addicts, Meet Your Methadone (Atlantic Cities)
  • Haunted Houses Are No Scarier Than These Real-Life Transpo Terrors (Infrastructurist)
  • The Real Costs of Our Transportation Infrastructure (Smart Planet)
  • Stadium Location in the Heart of the Gritty City Brought Detroit Lions’ Victory (Yahoo! Sports, Model D)
  • Private Financing For California HSR Might Be Harder to Come By Than Expected (Transport Politic)
  • Maryland Officials Support Gas Tax Hike to Address Infra Backlog and Create Jobs (CityBizList)

Streetsblog Capitol Hill will be on a light publishing schedule today.