Today’s Headlines

  • Dems Would Take Government Shutdown Over Loss of Funding For Alternative Cars (WaPo)
  • Senate Doesn’t Quite Save High-Speed Rail, But Puts It on Life Support (AP, Bloomberg)
  • Happy Car-Free Day! (WaPo)
  • With Bike Commuting Rates Up Elsewhere, Why Are They Going South in the South? (Atlantic Cities)
  • Montreal’s Pioneering Bikeshare System Struggles With Costs (CS Monitor)
  • Zimride Gets $ For Its Experiment Combining Ride-Sharing With Social Networking (MarketWatch)
  • Car Exhaust Can Increase Heart Attack Risk (TreeHugger)
  • Interim Texas DOT Chief Talks Like a Reformer About Transpo Options (Transpo Nation)
  • New England Gets $83 Million for Amtrak Improvements (Railway Age)