Today’s Headlines

  • Senate to Vote on Repealing Tax Breaks for Big Oil — But Not This Week (The Hill)
  • Bipartisan Gang of Six Can’t Come to Debt-Reduction Consensus, Conrad Goes It Alone (WaPo)
  • The Next Budget Battle: Negotiations Over the Debt Ceiling Have Begun (WaPo)
  • Florida’s Rejected HSR Funds Go to Chicago-St. Louis Line (Tribune)
  • Wisconsin’s Latest Budgetary Casualty: Regional Transit Authorities (WRN)
  • This Three-Page Love Note to Ray LaHood Doesn’t Even Mention the Tabletop Speech (Politico)
  • MD Gov. O’Malley Considering a Gas Tax Hike and Increased Tolls (Baltimore Sun)
  • What Makes a City Walk-Friendly? Learn From the Winners (Atlantic)
  • Bribing People to Live Near Transit May Not Be the Best Smart-Growth Plan (Yglesias)
  • Public Anger Over Trans-Texas Corridor Spurred Transportation Shakeup (Land Line)
  • What Is This Bike-Friendly State? And What Have You Done With Texas? (AltTransport)

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