Today’s Headlines

  • After a lackluster year, Carrion leaves White House "urban czar" post for lesser duties at HUD (NYDN)
  • LaHood uses Massachusetts appearance to take the state to task for not acting on distracted driving (Globe)
  • Ryan Avent: Seattle light rail lawsuit could finally make clear that roads are just one part of the nation’s holistic transportation networks (Economist)
  • FRA chief sees little need to emphasize the "high-speed" in high-speed rail (Prog. Fix)
  • Gulf oil spill not the nation’s only infrastructure wake-up call: Boston’s broken water main underscores cities’ unmet modernization needs (GreenTech Enterprise)
  • Truckers want U.S. DOT, not the more stringent EPA, to regulate their fuel usage (Green Car Reports)
  • Local editorial board urges PA Gov. Rendell to resubmit a fourth bid for federally sanction I-80 tolls (Indep-Review)


Biden’s Homage to Amtrak

The nation’s Amtrak rider-in-chief, Vice President Joseph Biden, has penned an op-ed for the rail network’s monthly magazine entitled "Why America Needs Trains." The Vice President and his wife share a tender moment — on the Acela. (Photo: NYT) Biden doesn’t get too political in the piece, eschewing calls for more Amtrak funding in favor […]

Republican Response to USDOT’s High-Speed Rail Grantees

In my last story about the allocation of high-speed rail funds, I said House Transportation Committee Chair John Mica (R-FL) must be pleased to finally see the Northeast Corridor get its due. In a statement hot off the GOP’s presses, Mica didn’t sound exactly pleased. Once again, the Administration has scattered funding to numerous slower-speed […]

Mica Drops Amtrak Privatization Plan In Call for Northeast Corridor HSR

House Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica backed off his controversial plan to privatize passenger rail on the Northeast Corridor today, announcing at a press conference that reforming Amtrak would suffice. Mica stood with New York Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler at a conference held by the US High Speed Rail Association to announce further […]