Today’s Headlines

  • Despite LaHood’s much-touted non-binding policy paper, complete streets policies may take time to catch on in CA (Streetsblog SF)
  • Nissan to offer its all-electric Leaf model for about $25k (WaPo)
  • Would the gas tax being talked about for the Senate’s new climate change bill actually work? (MoJo Blog)
  • New Jersey transit riders plan to protest looming fare hikes by driving en masse on April 1 (
  • Colorado eyeing two high-speed rail links of its own (D. Post, AP)
  • LaHood seeks scientific help researching the "sudden acceleration" plaguing Toyota vehicles … (Bloomberg)
  • … after returning home to Illinois to address the slim options on the table for closing the federal transportation funding gap (Daily Herald)
  • David Brooks inadvertently makes the case for congestion pricing (Yglesias)

ALSO ON STREETSBLOG A Transportation Secretary Who’s Hard to Believe In

On Monday, Obama announced his "green dream team." Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wasn’t there. We’ve been calling around to Congressional staffers, advocates and insiders to get a better sense of what Obama’s appointment of Ray LaHood as transportation secretary means for those pushing for sustainable transport, smart growth, livable streets. While no one is giving […]

The Mileage Tax Genie Is Out of the Bottle

Last week, Obama DOT Secretary Ray LaHood caused quite a buzz by discussing, in an interview with an AP reporter, the idea of taxing motorists on the number of miles they travel rather than the amount of gas they burn. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs quickly came out and publicly contradicted LaHood, saying a […]

LaHood, Biden Meet With Governors on High-Speed Rail

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Vice President Biden met at the White House this afternoon with officials from 20 states in contention for funding as part of the Obama administration’s high-speed rail program. The high-speed Midwest Regional Rail Initiative’s proposed reach. (Photo: Michigan Messenger) "This is how the interstate highway system started, folks," Biden told […]