Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood publicly, if informally, urges states to "treat walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes" (DOT Blog)
  • Noise pollution alert: Opponents of health reform bill launch a "Honk No" protest (Newsweek)
  • Do higher gas prices, whether through external factors or tax hikes, actually depress Americans’ urge to drive? (TNR’s The Avenue)
  • Gauging high-speed rail’s effect on Florida politics (The Takeaway)
  • The sector-by-sector climate change bill that looks likely to emerge from the Senate — with a new fuel tax — is leaving economists cold … (SolveClimate)
  • … but Big Oil continues to signal it’s okay with the idea (CQ)
  • China’s rapid economic growth is bringing major traffic problems with it, despite a new BRT system (NYT)
  • Road safety groups and speed-camera companies join together for new grassroots lobbying coalition (PARS Press)
  • Solar power is now available for urban renters (NYT)


Transport Contractors Urge White House to Revamp Enviro Review Rules

The trade group representing private-sector transportation contractors is urging the Obama administration to change the way environmental reviews are conducted for infrastructure projects, proposing to favor "categorical exclusions" (CEs) from federal review rules over the lengthier process of measuring the environmental impact of construction work. Environmental reviews added an estimated $1 million to the cost […]

Pelosi, Reid and Emanuel Push for Carmaker Bailout

Cadillac assembly line replica at the Detroit Historical Museum Over the weekend, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate urged the Bush administration to extend financial aid intended for Wall Street to struggling domestic carmakers, a move that could have the support of President-elect Obama. The Times reports that on Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

House Transpo Committee Promises Bipartisanship, To Tackle Aviation First

Meet the new House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The committee’s meeting this morning, the first of the 112th Congress, included twenty new Republican faces, 19 of whom are freshman representatives. The mostly administrative agenda didn’t offer many chances for the committee members to talk policy, but even some of the freshmen’s short introductions proved potentially […]

GOP Proposal to Privatize the Northeast Corridor Meets Resistance

House Republicans, led by Transportation Committee leaders John Mica (R-FL) and Bill Schuster (R-PA), have a plan to take the Northeast Corridor out of Amtrak’s control and privatize it. They’ve long called Amtrak a “Soviet-style operation” that loses money. Mica said that ridership of the NEC hasn’t changed since 1977, the year after Amtrak took […]