Today’s Headlines

  • Oberstar raises objections to funding strategy being used for Detroit’s light rail project, imperiling the proposal (Crain’s Biz)
  • The Senate environment committee hopes to start marking up its climate bill tomorrow — but that depends on Republicans’ abandonment of their threatened boycott (The Hill)
  • Congress officially extends the 2005 federal transportation law for another six weeks, putting off its decision-making process until Dec. 18 (JOC)
  • New study questions the effectiveness of Maryland’s landmark smart growth law (Wash Post)
  • L.A. trial is seen as test case for cyclists’ rights (Times)


Austin Demonstrates How to Do Safe Passing Laws Right

Three-foot passing laws are well on their way to becoming mainstream. Bike advocates in cities and states around the country have won legal protections like this from California to Cleveland Heights. One of the common criticisms of the laws is that they are hard to enforce. But Austin, Texas, is showing the way. Last year […]

Changing Attitudes Toward Driving: It’s About the Law

Today’s featured post on the Streetsblog Network comes from WalkBikeCT. Looking at the European model for encouraging cycling and walking, it argues that infrastructure can’t do the job alone — to change attitudes toward driving will require changing the law: In Copenhagen, protected by bike lanes and the law. Photo by dc_forever via Flickr. The […]