Pro-Tea Party Republican’s Angry Letter to D.C. Metro: Read it in Full

Apparently unfamiliar with the concept of irony, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) has drafted an angry letter to the chief of Washington D.C.’s Metro, complaining that protesters at last weekend’s 9/12 "tea party" had difficulty traveling by transit — the very transit system that Brady voted against aiding, and the epitome of government spending that the tea partiers claim to oppose.

PH2009041602023.jpgTea partiers protesting Big Government’s intrusion — and its failure to adequately support transit, of course. (Photo: WaPo)

Brady’s monumental audacity has awakened a welcome chorus of boos from the liberal blogosphere.

Steve Benen asked how the Texas conservative could demand that the government provide "a basic level of transit service" for tea partiers but not a basic level of health insurance. Atrios observed that the episode exposes non-urbanites’ conception of cities: as "big urban theme parks."

But the most interesting response to Brady’s hilarious lament came from Metro itself, which took the episode with the utmost seriousness. A spokeswoman from the transit system says the "circumstances surrounding the large crowds will be researched and a response will be sent to Brady."

Here’s a suggestion for that response: Let us spend money on operating costs, congressman!

Check out Brady’s full — and uncivil — letter to Metro chief John Catoe after the jump.

To Mr. Catoe:

write this letter on behalf of my constituents of the 8th Congressional
District of Texas – many of whom traveled at great expense and time to
our nation’s capital to exercise their right of free speech in the
Taxpayer March on D.C. which was held on Saturday, September 12.  These
individuals came all the way from Southeast Texas to protest the
excessive spending and growing government intrusion by the 111th
Congress and the new Obama Administration.      

Based upon
numerous eye-witness reports by participants in the march, it is clear
METRO did not adequately prepare for the influx of Americans traveling
to D.C. for this historic event.  I want an explanation why.

the march, I heard complaints from elderly veterans in wheel chairs who
were denied use of the subway because not enough METRO cars were
available and the METRO cars that did arrive were full to overflowing

An 80 year old woman and her 60 year old daughter
were forced to walk – and eventually pay for a cab – due to overcrowded
conditions on the METRO.  I heard many such complaints.  These
participants, whose tax dollars were used to create and maintain this
public transit system, were frustrated and disappointed that our
nation’s capital did not make a greater effort to simply provide a
basic level of transit service for them.

METRO was certainly
aware of the march due to widespread media attention ahead of time. 
While the turnout was certainly much larger than predicted, it appears
that METRO added no additional capacity to its regular weekend schedule.

request that METRO promptly provide my office with a full summary of
all preparations and actions taken by the agency ahead of and during
the gathering, especially related to additional capacity, service, and

Kevin Brady

11 thoughts on Pro-Tea Party Republican’s Angry Letter to D.C. Metro: Read it in Full

  1. Dear Congressmen and his constituents:

    Since only 30,000 people had signed up to be a part of your protest, and free-market/big government protesters are known to despise public transit and want to get places in cars, we did not provide any additional transportation above a normal weekend, consistent with many other protests and events in the city on weekends.

    Running trains is expensive, and based on your votes against additional funding for public transit, we have had to raise fares repeatedly and cut back on service.


  2. Dear Congressman Brady,

    Thank you for your recognition that Metro (it’s not an acronym, there’s no need to capitalize all 5 letters) does not perform as well as it could. This is due to the fact that WMATA, and other transit agencies around the country, are chronically under-funded.

    We are most pleased that despite your reputation as an opponent of government spending, you now recognize the importance of funding for transit. We look forward to your future legislative support in all funding matters concerning us.


  3. The most hilarious irony ever. See what happens when you vote no to transit? It comes back to hurt you and your constituents.

  4. why would these angry old entitled white men need metro service? every single one of the teabaggers there are old enough to receive door-to-door paratransit service.

  5. Personally, I agree with everything in that letter. There’s not one thing in there that doesn’t happen on a daily basis, and I’m sure few would argue that.

    …But, of course, the catch is *why* that happens. In my opinion, WMATA should just be forthright & honest: we did very little because we can’t afford to do very much.

  6. Bossi, all people have to do is follow instructions. Not on eday goes by that I fail to get on a train unless there is a sudden disruption such as a person throwing themselves in front of a train. For the most part you just have to listen to the workers when they say “Move to the front of the train people! Do not try and board the two cars in themiddle of the platform! Please spread out!”.

    What I don’t get is why were people so insensitive to the vets? If I saw an elderly person or wheelchair bound person having trouble I would help to clear a path or bring their struggle to the attention of fellow passengers so that they could get on. Why did no one bother doing this?

  7. I didn’t think that this would be an issue if ONLY the 40,000 people that the libs claimed were there. That paltry number reflects an average variance in just the number of tourists that visit DC.

    Come to think of it, I don’t remember any squabbling about the transit at Big O’s inaugural. Perhaps there weren’t as many people at that event as there were at the 9/12 Freedom March.

  8. I support the tea parties all the way I mean Obama is by far the all time worst president in americas history no matter what we hear from those rotten liberal left-wing news media

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