Did Pelosi Just Side With Oberstar on the Transpo Bill?

That’s the implication of a Roll Call story today that states: "Momentum Builds for Transportation Bill."

nancy_pelosi.jpgHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (Photo: moniquemonicat.wordpress.com)

Here’s how the exchange in question played out at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) weekly briefing. Pelosi was asked for her position on a possible second stimulus bill, and she replied:

I am committed to the first stimulus. I don’t think it has been given all
the time to work. … The
question is always open as to what the Administration may recommend to us,
but right now, I believe that we have much more to gain from seeing through
the first stimulus. 

am a proponent for bringing up a full transportation bill, which is a great
jobs bill.  At some point, we may have to do something on the extension
of unemployment benefits. But in terms of the investments that were
made in the first package, I want to play that out.

have to be very careful about the spending on this. … [R]ight now I think that we have big issues with health care and how we fund
that, and if we do go someplace, I’d like to see us do the transportation

So is Pelosi backing her transportation committee chairman, Jim Oberstar (D-MN), whose push to pass a transportation bill this year has faced opposition from the Senate and the Obama administration?

A House Democratic leadership aide told Streetsblog Capitol Hill that no decisions on a timeframe for the transportation bill have been made, but discussions are ongoing and all parties agree that a short-term problem exists.

5 thoughts on Did Pelosi Just Side With Oberstar on the Transpo Bill?

  1. We really do need to extend the unemployment benefits that will expire mid-August. I have been working since I was 17 years old and in spite of mergers and buyouts, I was always able to find employment, but it has been next to impossible and am still unemployed as of to-date so until the employment situation recovers, please pass another extension or people will have no food, a place to live et cetera.

  2. Employment benefits MUST be extended through another Federal Emergency Unemployment Extension. Not to do so is a blatant slap in the face to America’s (un)working class.
    Pelosi states….. “At some point, we may have to do something on the extension of unemployment benefits. But in terms of the investments that were made in the first package, I want to play that out.”
    At some point? Play that out?
    Easy to say, coming from a political figure, but what about the long term, older unemployed population?????????

  3. Unemployment extension needs to happen in July(since they are in recess in August). Why wait until September or longer to pass another legislation? Have they forgotten that many were unemployed at the end of 2007 and remain so?? We will be homeless if they do not pass this extension NOW! Why delay? There has been a delay and gap time and time again in the past year. Take action now please, Pelosi!

  4. I agree-PLEASE take action now! It took my state over 6 weeks to update their computer system before unemployment extension payments were made. I can’t wait that long again. As more time passes, it gets harder to meet basic NEEDS. Until this economy recovers, please extend unemployment benefits so we will have food and shelter.

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