Eyes on the Street: Triborough in the Fog


  • Rob

    Speaking of the Triborough; has there been any movement on getting some pedistrian access improvements around the Astoria Blvd Stop on the N? The approach roads to and from the bridge run under this station and it is rough walking around this area, there are few true crosswalks, where there are crosswalks the timing on the lights is pretty bad, the pedistrian “refuge” is nothing more then some faded paint between the lanes of two highways. Really a redesign is badly needed.


Eyes on the Street: Obama Takes Manhattan

A scene from Midtown early this morning, after Barack Obama was named president-elect. On the A downtown from Inwood, new passengers were welcomed with screams and cheers at every stop. It was standing room only by the time the train reached 42 Street. New Yorkers lined the sidewalks in Times Square. Cars rolled through slowly, […]