Today’s Headlines

  • Clinton at Mayors Conference: Cities Are “Where Things Are Getting Done” (Indy Star)
  • In San Diego, Sales Tax for Transportation Moves to Ballot (KPBS, SD Reader)
  • Anthony Foxx on Why Columbus Won the Smart City Challenge (Forbes)
  • The Importance of Getting Light Rail Right in Downtown Dallas (D Mag)
  • Houston’s $7B Freeway-Widening Plan (Houston Chron)
  • Transit Districts Take Root Across Connecticut (Hartford Courant)
  • What Southeast Michigan Is Up to With “Smart Roads” (Crain’s Detroit)
  • Arkansas Leaders Get Firsthand Cycling Inspiration From Denmark (Democrat-Gazette)
  • Federal Complaint Alleges Discrimination in Westchester’s Transit Fare Hike (
  • Subway Scenes From Across the World (Business Insider)


Today’s Headlines

“Railroad Geek” VP Touts Amtrak in Philly (AP, Shuster, LaHood and Warner Opine on Transpo Funding (The Hill) Across the Country, Non-Rush Hour Transit Rides Are on the Rise (Atlantic Cities) … But What Are the Barriers to All-Day Service? (Atlantic Cities) SunRail Line Draws Development in Orlando (Orlando Sentinel) How “Complete Streets” Upends […]

Hawaii: Say “Aloha” To Transit-Oriented Development

Craig Chester is a fellow at Smart Growth America. Not all transportation in Honolulu, Hawaii is a walk on the beach. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and warm temperatures, Honolulu is also plagued by heavy traffic congestion and delays. High energy costs and a lack of transportation choices compound the challenges of getting around […]

How Would You Define Transit-Oriented Development?

It’s a welcome sign of progress that developers are beginning to shift towards building more walkable, mixed-use projects. Of course, now that more builders recognize the value of transit-oriented development, the term is vulnerable to exploitation. Tools like Walk Score and Abogo can help consumers find walkable places to live with good transit options, but […]

Today’s Headlines

Are the Feds Handling DC Metro Oversight the Right Way? (American Prospect) Cities Strive to Take On-Demand Mobility Beyond Uber (Next City) Hawaii Struggles to Complete Its Costly Rail Project (NYT) How Transportation Has Figured Into Baltimore’s Inequalities (Places Journal) LA Times: Transit Maintenance Funding Is Key to Avoid Mistakes of DC and SF Cycling Advocates Across […]
Chicago's Loop Link. Photo: Metropolitan Planning Council

Introducing a New Streetsblog Series: Getting Transit Right

With more American cities raising impressive sums to expand transit, the question of how to invest effectively is increasingly essential. So far, few places have hit on a policy combination that makes transit more useful to more people. To help cities "get transit right," Streetsblog is launching a new series about which transit strategies are working and which are not.