Today’s Headlines

  • Congress, D.C. Metro Fight Over Where Additional Funding Will Come From (Roll Call)
  • Idaho Driver Exam Now Covers Safely Driving on Streets With Cyclists, Pedestrians (Spokesman-Review)
  • New Jersey Will Run Out of Money for Road, Rail Projects This Summer (
  • Capital Bikeshare to Offer $5 Annual Memberships to Low-Income Subscribers (City Paper)
  • Dallas Observer: To Build a Better DART, Choose Leaders Who Ride It
  • Former Head of Washington State DOT Hired by Smart Growth America (T4America)
  • OhioDOT: Lowering Speed Limit “Not Justified” on Road With 9 Deaths in 8 Years (NewsNet5)
  • Uber Received 415 Requests for Data From Law Enforcement in 2nd Half of 2015 (The Hill)
  • Detroit Parents, Kids Endure Extreme Commutes for Better Schools (Chalkbeat)


Major Road Builder Argues for Road-Pricing, Against More Asphalt

The primary theme of U.S. transportation policy since the mid-20th century hasn’t been accessibility, public health, equality, or even efficiency. Primarily we’ve spent billions of dollars trying fruitlessly to eliminate congestion by building more roads. It has become clear that there are all kinds of problems with having motorist throughput as the highest priority of your […]

Debate Over Parking in Missoula, Montana

Today from the Streetsblog Network, a report from Imagine No Cars in Missoula, Montana, a city that is at a planning crossroads. Missoulians can continue with the familiar strategy of more roads, more parking, more space for cars — or they can try to envision a different future. The issue heated up recently when an […]