Today’s Headlines

  • State DOTs Have No Control Over Transportation Alternatives Funds Under MAP-21 (Bike League)
  • Illinois Rail Meets “High-Speed” Definition (Grid Chicago)
  • Amtrak Could Cut Kansas-to-New Mexico Route (New Mexican)
  • U.S. DOT: No More Leniency For Unsafe Bus Companies (BusinessWeek)
  • Developer Builds Seattle’s Tallest Residential Building and Saves a Nearby Mountain (Grist)
  • These Airlines Will Book You a Seat on the Next Train (NYT)
  • With Proof That Separated Bike Lanes Save Lives, Can We Agree We Need Them? (Bike Portland)
  • Urban Density Leads to Prosperity, Sprawl Just Leads to Congestion (Toronto Star)
  • DC’s Zoning Rewrite Gets Rid of Parking Minimums, Should Also Set Maximums (GGW)
  • Labor Disputes, Like Wal-Mart’s, Have Big Impacts For Cities’ Prosperity (Next American City)


San Diego Chooses Between Two Bicycle Boosters For Mayor

The election is less than a week away. Americans have a choice between a) a president who has overseen notable transportation and land use innovations but failed to provide leadership when the national transportation bill could have been reformed, and b) a former governor who enacted a progressive, pro-smart-growth agenda but who has renounced those […]

Bogotá’s Peñalosa Talks Up Livable Streets, Sans Spandex

Filed by April Greene Guillermo ("Gil") Peñalosa has a message for you. Actually, he has about 100, but they all packed very nicely into his two hour presentation last Thursday night at Harlem’s Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building. The former Parks Commissioner of Bogotá, Colombia, joined by members of the Harlem Community Development […]

Streetfilms: “We’re New York, We Can Lead”

Traffic Information & Relief Bill Press Conference  Running time: 4 minutes 3 seconds Transportation Alternatives held press conference on the steps of City Hall yesterday in support of Intro 199, a bill introduced in the City Council by Councilmember Gale Brewer that calls for better information-gathering about the city’s traffic and aims to "reduce the […]