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To Make Transit Work, We Need to Make Transit Agencies Better Workplaces

Bus drivers aren't the only employees that transit agencies are struggling to hire and keep — and until we address the employee burnout happening behind the scenes, sustainable transportation may never truly take off.

July 26, 2023

Where Have All the Three-Bedrooms in Walkable Neighborhoods Gone?

Growing families are struggling to find homes that meet their needs — especially in people-centered places.

July 25, 2023

Study: Trolley Buses with Batteries are the Best Path to Zero Emissions

“The trolley system is this huge asset that we already have,” said Lantsberg. “We like battery buses. And we like electric vehicle charging, but we think that a trolley bus is a superior mode.”

July 13, 2023

Baltimore Activists Want the Red Line — But the ‘Right’ Red Line

“When you find structural racism you've got to make structural change,” said one activist.

June 30, 2023

Report: New Jersey May See Red over Congestion Pricing, but Garden State Gets Plenty of MTA Green

“The MTA is a major job creator and contributor to the region’s economy, and it is clear that New Jersey businesses are big players in MTA contracting."

June 29, 2023

Un-Fare: NYC Council Demands More Funding for Reduced Transit

The pressure is building on NYC Mayor Eric Adams to bring true equity to transit in the mostly bus and subway riding town.

June 28, 2023

‘Urban Doom Loop’? This Planner Says Cities Ain’t Dead Yet

“For both the nation’s leading metros and for the country as a whole, the stakes of getting this right are enormous.”

June 27, 2023

‘Citizens Academies’ for Transit Riders Teach Self-Advocacy

Courses offered by advocacy groups can help public transit riders, enthusiasts, and community stakeholders understand their local transportation systems and power structures.

June 21, 2023

Can ‘Personal Rapid Transit’ Really Replace Buses and Trains?

Is a shared autonomous vehicle on a dedicated track really the same as public transportation? San Jose thinks so — and officials are about to bet big on it.

June 20, 2023