Monday’s Headlines Drill, Baby, Drill

A lithium mine in Chile. Credit: Reinhard John
A lithium mine in Chile. Credit: Reinhard John
  • Minerals are becoming just like oil, with the U.S. and other countries jostling for control of natural resources critical for electric vehicle production. (New York Times)
  • The U.S. has enough parking to pave over the state of Connecticut, and now many cities are ending the decades-long practice of mandating a minimum amount of parking. (CNN)
  • By creating heat islands and incentivizing drivers to circle the block, parking is exacerbating the climate crisis. (Clean Technica)
  • More than 1,700 local, state and regional government agencies in the U.S. have adopted complete streets policies. (Smart Growth America)
  • Streets near schools should be car-free. (The Walrus)
  • The suspected terrorist who killed eight people and injured 12 by driving a box truck into a New York City bike lane was sentenced to life in prison. (NBC News)
  • A Montana law barring the state from calculating the climate impact of major projects is headed to court. (Washington Post)
  • St. Paul is considering banning large trucks from parking and idling on city streets. (Star Tribune)
  • Transit was always supposed to a part of the Atlanta Beltline, but now neighbors are fighting it, in part because the streetcar line that would be extended to the walking and biking trail circling the city hasn’t been successful. (Fox 5)
  • Austin residents and groups are weighing in on potential light rail routes ahead of a key announcement this week. (Community Impact)
  • The number of cyclists killed by drivers in Houston has doubled since 2016. (Axios)
  • Cleveland cyclists held a “ride of silence” to honor the 16 people drivers killed or injured there last year. (Scene)
  • A Montreal neighborhood is going to start charging residents for parking based on the size of their car. (Streetsblog)
  • Once one of Europe’s most car-choked capitals, Brussels could serve as a model for U.S. cities looking to move away from automobiles and toward transit, bikes and walking. (City Lab)


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