Thursday’s Headlines Are Shocked

Parking lot at Phoenix Municipal Stadium with electric-car-charging ports. Source: u/tudrewser, Reddit.
Parking lot at Phoenix Municipal Stadium with electric-car-charging ports. Source: u/tudrewser, Reddit.
  • There’s been a lot of talk lately about how wasteful parking is. Public EV chargers are just going to make the situation worse. (The Atlantic)
  • A California congressman introduced a bill to eliminate parking minimums near transit nationwide. (Business Insider)
  • City Lab blames working from home for transit agencies’ fiscal crisis, as if train commuters are all obligated to go to the office if they don’t have to.  There are other people who need service, and other sources of revenue besides the farebox.
  • City Lab also lists the best cities to find a job where you can work from home.
  • The U.S. DOT is accepting applications for $5 billion worth of street safety grants. (Governing)
  • How much lithium for electric vehicle batteries is worth the extinction of a species? (Time)
  • The Massachusetts Senate is backing fare-free buses (Commonwealth), and so are Vermont legislators (VT Digger).
  • Indianapolis is extending a walking and biking trail as part of a major redevelopment project along the White River. (Star)
  • Cincinnati wants to reimagine the Brent Spence Bridge and I-75 to free up downtown land and reconnect Black neighborhoods. (Spectrum News)
  • Did Orlando cancel Critical Mass? It’s complicated. The city was uncooperative, but so are a bike punks. (Bungalower)
  • Hawaii is making good use of a parking lot by installing 12 tiny houses for the homeless. (Hawaii News Now)
  • Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared May Bike Month in Arkansas. (Axios)
  • Vote now, or Charlotte’s new street sweeper is going to wind up named Sweepy McSweepface. (Observer)



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