Thursday’s Headlines Imagine the Future

  • A future without cars — or at least fewer cars — is possible through investment in mass transit and green energy, and would lead to an environmentally healthier and more equitable society. (Salon)
  • The U.S. Energy Department is lowering electric vehicles’ mileage ratings so that automakers can’t meet standards just by producing EVs. They have to improve gas-powered models’ fuel efficiency as well. (Reuters)
  • The Government Accountability Office examined eight recent transit projects and found that, while several came in under budget, some also fell well short of ridership predictions. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Apparently Waymo cars can’t self-drive in the fog. (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Instead of a mileage tax — as Vermont is considering to replace lost gas taxes as drivers switch to EVs — states should raise gas taxes to encourage the switch, or tax vehicles by weight. (Electrek)
  • Shared e-bikes and scooters are back in Minneapolis, as Lime, Veo and Spin replace the defunct Nice Ride starting today. (Axios)
  • Minneapolis received a $239 million federal grant for the Gold Line bus rapid transit project. (CBS News)
  • Pittsburgh won a $10 million EPA grant to buy zero-emissions buses. (WESA)
  • Five Dallas city council members want a study independent of the Texas DOT on removing I-345. (D Magazine)
  • Washington, D.C. is installing cameras on buses to catch drivers who park their cars in bus lanes. (Post)
  • A group of 80 neighborhood advisors is asking D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to spend traffic enforcement camera revenue on street safety. (WUSA)
  • To combat a rash of exploding e-bike batteries, Uber is funding a buy-back program for New York City delivery workers. (The Verge)
  • EVs have gotten so heavy that some engineers in the UK are worried they could cause older parking garages to collapse. (The Drive)
  • Keeping cars out of the city center has led to more cycling and fewer transit delays in Brussels. (Cities Today)
  • Paris’ first carbon-neutral neighborhood has zero parking. (The Mayor)


Jennifer Granholm, left, and Gina McCarthy, right. Images via Creative Commons.

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