Wednesday’s Headlines Are Drilling, Baby, Drill!

Image: Paul Lowry, CC
Image: Paul Lowry, CC
  • The U.S. is already producing record amounts of crude oil, but Republicans want to drill even more. (Roll Call)
  • It will surprise no one who’s been on Twitter lately that Elon Musk is single-handedly responsible for the problems with Tesla’s so-called “Full Self-Driving” technology. (Washington Post)
  • The cost of lithium — a key component of EV batteries — is falling, but no one knows for how long. (New York Times)
  • Sure, a lot of drivers think they can break the law with impunity, but hundreds of thousands of “sovereign citizens” literally think the law doesn’t apply to them. (Jalopnik)
  • An obscure 1920 maritime law is clogging up U.S. roads with trucks filled with goods that could be transported more efficiently by water. (The Atlantic)
  • If you don’t mind paying the $2,000 gas-guzzler tax, you can buy this $100,000 Dodge with a 1,000-horsepower engine. (Car and Driver)
  • Vice dubs the recently deceased King of Prussia rail line in Philadelphia the second-worst transit project in the U.S., behind the much-maligned LaGuardia plane train.
  • Some good news on the ridership front: The D.C. Metro is ramping up train service as numbers continue to break post-pandemic records. (DCist)
  • Arizona legislators are meddling with Phoenix’s transit expansion plans because they know they would lose at the ballot box. (Republic)
  • Deploying social workers on the Twin Cities’ transit system would be a challenge because it overlaps with so many jurisdictions. (MinnPost)
  • Tennessee’s $3 billion transportation plan mostly consists of new highway lanes. (Tennessean)
  • The Hampton Roads region of Virginia is continuing to explore light rail. (WTKR)
  • Remember Shit My Dad Says? Here are Things Mountain Bikers Say. (Bike Mag)


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