Wednesday’s Headlines Pull the Cord

Photo: Frank Hank, CC
Photo: Frank Hank, CC
  • As transit agencies cut bus stops to speed up service, many riders don’t know they can still request to be let off in between stops. This especially comes in handy if the rider feels in danger. (Next City)
  • The list of states with the most cars per capita generally tracks with the list of states with the lowest population density. But what’s up with Delaware? (Digital Journal)
  • As attacks on transit operators rise, many states are implementing harsher penalties. (Governing)
  • Fifteen-minute-city conspiracy theorists are already living in a prison of their own making. (Streetsblog)
  • Chicago has been struggling to incorporate electric buses into its fleet because batteries don’t work well in the cold (Associated Press). On a similar note, the Upper Midwest/Great Plains states are lagging behind the rest of the country on charging stations due to weather-related range concerns (Pew Stateline).
  • The New York Times continues its fiery crusade against e-bikes, giving scant acknowledgement to the fact that most blazes are caused by illegal batteries.
  • Plans for a Miami Beach train are under attack from wealthy residents even though the buses are all full. (Miami Herald)
  • The D.C. Metro is relaunching an automated system it says will improve service and safety, despite causing a deadly crash 14 years ago. (Washington Post)
  • Caltrans is studying whether to reunite Black communities in Oakland by dismantling I-980. (Silicon Valley)
  • Black residents are pushing back against expanding service at Richmond’s main train station because it would endanger the site’s history as a slave-trading center and burial ground. But the answer isn’t not to expand rail — it’s to do it somewhere else. (Times-Dispatch)
  • Better funding for transit would help Wisconsin attract and retain younger workers who don’t care much for driving. (Urban Milwaukee)
  • The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority has been anything but fast when it comes to implementing promised projects. (AJC)
  • A flying car in every garage and “The Jetsons” on every TV is Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign slogan. (Politico)


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