Thursday’s Headlines Stay Small

Photo: Motor Trend.
Photo: Motor Trend.
  • Swapping out gas-guzzling trucks for electric vehicles might be a net win for the environment, but if those EVs are faster and heavier than ever, it could accelerate the pedestrian death crisis. Their bigger, power-sucking batteries are also less environmentally friendly than a smaller vehicle’s. (The Atlantic)
  • Experts predict that the drive toward zero emissions in the transportation sector will only increase in 2023. (GreenBiz)
  • A new California law prohibiting parking requirements near transit stops holds great promise but only if NIMBY groups don’t fight it and lenders go along. (Urban Land Institute)
  • Some Massachusetts legislators want to pare down the MBTA’s authority to subways and buses alone. (Boston Herald)
  • A Portland task force is trying to address decades of racist transit policies. (Fast Company)
  • Nashville set a record with 49 pedestrian deaths in 2022, 10 more than in 2021. (WPLN)
  • San Diego is proposing replacing 300 parking spaces with bike lanes on Convoy Street. (CBS 8)
  • Mumbai is declaring no-honk days and setting up sound barriers to decrease the city’s ceaseless car cacophony. (Bloomberg)
  • A study found that Berlin should demolish a short suburban freeway stub. (The May0r)
  • Who’s more unhinged: the cyclist who’s upset about an ambulance parked in a bike lane to fill out paperwork, or the right-wing media outlets reporting on her getting her “comeuppance”? (Breitbart, Outkick)


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