Tuesday’s Headlines Enjoyed the Bike Boom

Photo: Tony Webster/Flickr
Photo: Tony Webster/Flickr
  • Shocker: turns out that making riding a bike safe, easy and fun leads to more people riding bikes. (Bicycling)
  • European cities are becoming denser, reversing the trend toward sprawl —  something American cities could learn from. (Wired)
  • Lowering speed limits isn’t very effective without enforcement, according to a new study out of Belfast. (Traffic Technology Today)
  • Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is right when she says she wants to “fix the damn roads,” because adding lanes just leads to more sprawl and congestion. (Transportation for America)
  • Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill making it easier for cities to build protected bike lanes because Republicans added a poison pill undermining progressive Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner. (Philly Voice)
  • Massachusetts shouldn’t break up the T. Instead, expand the Boston transit agency statewide and treat it like a public utility funded by taxes. (Commonwealth)
  • The Chicago Sun-Times says Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s bike lane-blocking scandal is a good reminder to take bike safety seriously.
  • California announced a $2.6 billion clean mobility fund that will primarily pay to electrify bus fleets. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • The worst-case scenario for a Bay Area transit death spiral involves canceling weekend service, hourly trains instead of every 15 minutes, and numerous cuts to bus lines. (Silicon Valley)
  • Minneapolis is looking at speed cameras to address the pedestrian death crisis. (Star Tribune)
  • The bipartisan infrastructure act could pay to put a deck over North Capitol Street and bury parts of I-295 in Washington DC. (DCist)
  • New Orleans almost had a monorail in the 1950s, and the project had a lot in common with Elon Musk’s hyperloop scam. (Nola)
  • The “bike-bus” trend of kids biking to school en masse has spread to Arlington, Virginia. (ARLnow)


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Today’s Headlines

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