Wednesday’s Headlines Guzzle Gas

  • As of this writing, many races are still too close to call, but if Democrats lose, it may be because voters aren’t aware of the infrastructure act — one of their signature achievements. (Politico)
  • High gas prices didn’t stop drivers from setting an all-time high for gasoline usage in fiscal 2022. (Eno Center for Transportation)
  • In Dublin, bus riders are tired of waiting on “ghost buses” that appear on apps but never show up in real life (Irish Times). It’s a problem in the U.S., too, and the unreliability is costing transit agencies riders (Transit Center).
  • Transit, walking and biking may be better for the climate, but if electric cars aren’t part of the mix, vast swaths of American suburbia will turn into blight. (CleanTechnica)
  • Why are slow-moving e-scooters regulated when automakers get to run ads insinuating that speed equals freedom? (Forbes)
  • Congestion pricing discourages driving, but there may be more progressive ways to achieve that goal. (Current Affairs)
  • New Jersey turnpike widening opponents have seized on an engineering report that bolsters their case. (
  • Charlotte’s transportation plans emphasize transit, walking and biking. (ITS International)
  • After 12 years of planning, a Midtown Atlanta bike lane is finally becoming a reality. (Urbanize Atlanta)
  • Minneapolis has decided against the city shoveling snow off sidewalks itself, even though one property owner neglecting their responsibility can make a whole block inaccessible. (Axios)
  • The Maryland DOT is adding a sidewalk along a state highway. (WTOP)
  • Alexandria is conducting “walk audits” to find pedestrian safety issues around schools. (ALXnow)
  • More than 1,000 students in the Barcelona area participate in “bicibús,” where children bike to school en masse, stopping to pick up others along the way. (Reasons to Be Cheerful)


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