Monday’s Headlines Stay in Our Lane

Don't be like this guy. Image: Bike Lane Uprising
Don't be like this guy. Image: Bike Lane Uprising
  • Drivers all over the country are abusing bike lanes, making riding a bike even more dangerous than it already is. (Bicycling)
  • Cities must go further than tearing down urban freeways and make other types of high-speed roads safer for those outside of cars. (Next City)
  • From electric buses in Atlanta to a rural highway in Maine to bike trails in Texas, the Washington Post highlights six federal infrastructure projects that are improving transportation safety and the environment.
  • Transit measures are on the ballot in San Francisco, Orlando, Detroit and other cities and counties around the country next month. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey held a hearing on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s transit safety record. (Boston Globe)
  • While Seattle streets remain deadly, the city is doing a good job of making them safer near schools. (Capitol Hill Seattle)
  • A Memphis sidewalk collapsed for the second time in 10 years, pointing to the sorry state of the city’s pedestrian infrastructure. (Fox 13)
  • Portland protesters used their bodies to form a human bike lane to point out the need for protection on Powell Boulevard. (Bike Portland)
  • Angry drivers successfully ousted a Eugene, Oregon, city council member over her support for bus rapid transit. (Portland Mercury)
  • Kuhio Avenue is Honolulu’s next target for bus-only lanes. (KHON)
  • Banning UK flights between cities with high-speed rail connections could cut emissions from air travel by a third. (The Guardian)
  • Indonesia is starting construction on its first high-speed rail line. (ABC News)
  • Pop-up bike lanes in Berlin led to a 42 percent increase in cycling and reduced smog emissions. (Electrek)
  • Turning parking into space for pedestrians during the pandemic had a $181 million economic impact on one Toronto neighborhood. (Globe and Mail)


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