Monday’s Headlines Are Moving Slowly

California high speed rail could be especially at risk if Republicans rescind stimulus funds. Image: ## High Speed Rail Authority#
  • Uber cut a deal with Aptiv-Hyundai joint venture Motional to roll out self-driving taxis in major cities over the next 10 years. (Tech Crunch)
  • A series of political compromises have added so much to the cost of California’s high-speed rail line that some former backers question whether it will ever be completed. (New York Times)
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom will call a special session of the legislature in December to push for a windfall tax on oil and gas companies. (Cal Matters)
  • The L.A. Metro’s new K Line opened to the public on Friday. (Spectrum News)
  • Traffic deaths fell in Philadelphia last year, but both crashes and serious injuries were up. (Philly Voice)
  • It’s getting harder and harder for Chicago residents to find a bike-share bike because Divvy bikes keep getting stolen. They’ve been spotted as far away as Mexico. (CBS News)
  • Does the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority need a new oversight agency? (Mass Transit)
  • Indianapolis opened a new “super stop” with bus ticket vending machines, covered seating and other amenities. (Recorder)
  • Environmentalists are opposed to a new mountain bike park in Des Moines. (Axios)
  • A bike lane pilot project in Providence is over, and now officials must decide whether to keep it. (WPRI)
  • Berkeley council members are starting to backtrack on a plan to remove parking to make way for a bike lane. (CBS News)
  • Amtrak passengers endured a 19-hour ride between Pontiac, Michigan, and Chicago with no electricity, heat, food or working bathrooms. (MLive)
  • Ten people were hurt when a crash pushed a New York City police car onto a sidewalk full of pedestrians. (USA Today)
  • Washington, D.C. residents believe someone is deliberately leaving construction nails in a bike lane. (NBC Washington)
  • A suspect known as “Ricky Bobby” is wanted for vandalizing Greenville, North Carolina sidewalks. (WITN)
  • Transportation isn’t just for people — it’s for fish, too. (KING)