Tuesday’s Headlines Are Melting

Credit: Christine Zenino
Credit: Christine Zenino
  • Melting ice in Greenland will raise sea levels by almost a foot by the end of the century regardless of what humans do to reduce carbon emissions moving forward – which makes slowing that rise in the decades to come through sustainable transport all the more important. (CNN)
  • Cities designed for cars aren’t just detrimental to the environment and our physical health. They affect our mental health, too, by cutting people off from their friends. (Vox)
  • Why are carmakers building electric vehicles with 300-mile ranges when 95 percent of trips are less than 30 miles? Those huge batteries add to EVs’ cost and weight, making them less affordable and more dangerous. (New York Times)
  • California banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles will do more to reduce transportation emissions than the new federal climate law. (Mother Jones)
  • Another bill decriminalizing jaywalking has landed on the desk of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who vetoed it last year. (NBC Bay Area)
  • Chicago is using a controversial financing tool to raise funds for a long-awaited Red Line subway extension. (Governing)
  • Cleveland officials are expected to approve a Vision Zero plan this week that aims to eliminate traffic deaths by 2032. (Plain Dealer)
  • The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority is delaying construction on the Summerhill bus rapid transit line as cost estimates balloon. (AJC)
  • The first leg of Utah’s first BRT line opened Monday. (KSL)
  • Biking is up 44 percent in Boston during the Orange Line shutdown. (Herald)
  • Some Colorado cyclists are trying to keep e-bikes off of mountain trails. (Sun)
  • A U.S. diplomat based in Kyiv was killed on her bike in Maryland when a driver turned in front of her. (ABC News)
  • Hundreds biked in the buff Saturday at the Philly Naked Bike Ride. (Billy Penn)


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