Monday’s Headlines Have Big Plans

Image: Px Here, CC
Image: Px Here, CC
  • The American Planning Association released a new annual report on the state of transportation planning, with a foreword by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and sections on the pandemic, equity, technology and multimodal mobility.
  • Democrats’ climate bill passed the House, although activists are unhappy with its scope (New York Times). The Inflation Reduction Act does open up more federal lands to oil and gas drilling, but that probably won’t be as disastrous for the climate as some critics predict (Slate).
  • If Republicans take control of Congress this fall, they’re likely to redirect infrastructure spending for transit to roads instead. (New York Daily News)
  • The Biden administration awarded $49 million in grants for innovative mobility technology (Intelligent Transport). One project involves bundling emissions credits for, say, taking the bus instead of driving, and selling them (Washington Post).
  • The Federal Transit Administration has approved two plans for safety improvements at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, but wants revisions on two others (Boston Herald). Meanwhile, with the Orange Line about to shut down Friday (WHDH), Mayor Michelle Wu is offering commuters free bike-share passes (25 News).
  • Montgomery County Democrats are hoping the Biden administration will delay a decision on widening two Maryland freeways until Republican Gov. Larry Hogan leaves office. (The Daily Record)
  • A Milwaukee streetcar extension didn’t make the cut for the federal RAISE grants announced last week. (Urban Milwaukee)
  • Bucking the overall transit trend, ridership is surging on one Salt Lake City streetcar. (Deseret News)
  • Drivers are actually doing a pretty good job of navigating Portland’s new “advisory” bike lanes. (Bike Portland)
  • Frustrated Macon officials met with the Georgia DOT about its refusal to make improvements on a state highway several pedestrians have been killed crossing. (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
  • Durham residents are pushing for safer streets after a driver killed a father out riding bikes with his family. (Spectrum News)
  • A Toronto police officer who was out ticketing cyclists hit a cyclist with his SUV. (Bicycling)


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