Wednesday’s Headlines Have a Sense of Urgency

photo via Twitter @ajlatrace, who is 6'1"
photo via Twitter @ajlatrace, who is 6'1"
  • Climate change is inflicting global damage even faster than previously thought, and governments are not doing enough to curb greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report from UN scientists. (New York Times)
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could distract from the climate change threat when in fact it only emphasizes the need to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. (New Statesman)
  • Slate wonders how tough drivers will feel when they “accidentally” kill someone with their big-ass manly pickup truck.
  • Transit Center is launching a new ‘zine about how women are changing transportation.
  • Induced demand — the concept that building more road lanes will entice more people to drive, this worsening congestion — is true, but hard for people to understand. (Governing)
  • Walkability alone won’t make neighborhoods healthier unless pollution and access to healthy food are also addressed. (Popular Science)
  • Michigan probably won’t get anywhere near its return on investment for EV manufacturer subsidies. (The Guardian)
  • Salt Lake City transit advocates are calling for better bus lanes. (KUER)
  • Mutual of Omaha wants $68 million in tax incentives to build a new skyscraper, part of which would fund streetcar construction. (World-Herald)
  • A Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority BRT line in Clayton County won preliminary federal approval. (AJC)
  • A bike loop around a popular Seattle park is moving forward. (MyNorthwest)
  • Charlotte’s new streetcar continues to struggle with reliability issues. (Axios)
  • A Washington Post reporter tried to assuage his climate guilt by biking to the airport.
  • Remember that Uber Eats driver Snoop put on blast? Well, now he’s suing the Doggfather. (Complex)


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