Monday’s Headlines Are Trying to Envision Zero

  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s new transportation safety strategy is Vision Zero (CityLab).
  • Its a major victory for safety advocates, but it will rely on implementation by states and cities (New York Times, Route Fifty). That’s why the Biden administration should use its powers to act fast (Transportation for America).
  • Traffic calming can help, but it can’t mitigate the ever-taller and ever-heavier pickups and SUVs roaming our streets. (Governing)
  • Slate has an interview with Buttigieg on the topic.
  • Red-state governors will not help Democratic President Joe Biden achieve any of his climate goals through the infrastructure act. (McClatchy)
  • Let’s not only lower speed limits, but design streets so that it’s harder to drive fast. (Vice)
  • If you think double-decker highways will solve traffic problems, guess again. (CNN)
  • Advocates hope a new Omaha streetcar line will encourage walking and biking. (WOWT).
  • Athens, Georgia, commissioners will vote on a package of transportation projects that includes fare-free transit and express buses. (Flagpole)
  • Gee, if only there were a way to get to a football game that didn’t involve paying $200 to park. (SB Nation)
  • Barry Bonds set a lot of records for walking, but did you also know he likes to bike? (Inside Hook)


Chicago Aims for Zero Traffic Deaths by 2022

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his DOT head Gabe Klein have introduced a bold, 100-page plan to make the Windy City’s transportation system more safe and sustainable. Published last week, the “Chicago Forward Action Agenda” [PDF] places a very strong emphasis on safety, in addition to setting admirable cycling ridership targets and goals for transit investment. Highlights include: A […]